On the road

That’s the thing here down under. To travel, to go on the road is always synonym of adventure, of discovering more about yourself. It’s like the Australians have it in their blood 🙂
As a traveller here you’re not feeling alone or like weird.

Even with plenty of backpackers, the Australians are still happy to have you here and to know more about you, where’re you from… And even if its just for 5 minutes at the post office or in the train or even in the supermarket, they still don’t care of the waiting line and just take the time to have a little chat with you 🙂

I remember an old women with who I had a little chat at the locker room in the Perth train station: she was just amazing ! She explained me every moments about her life as a nurse around the world. She was in her 80’s ! Men ! Incredible women ! Such a delicious chat with her 🙂 and it just started with talking about the weather !

That’s why I love being here, travelling around Australia. You always got this kind of people everywhere : they will welcome you with a smile, take the time to chat with you, give you the feeling you’re home 🙂

The other day for another example I was going to a wwoofing place and when I just get into the bus and asked how much was it, the bus driver just made my day more wonderful it had already started « I give you a free ride, welcome to Australia 🙂 ».

WHAT a difference with France for example ! Men ! I’m happy in France if I just get a smile from someone working in a shop ! Like we are disturbing them ! Fuck your work is based on the customers you have and if you don’t like your job where you need to deal with customers : quit ! My god ! Or you won’t speak to somebody you don’t know in the streets of Paris, do you ?

Travelling to Australia was just such a good decision I made. I’m happier everyday. I met so many people here who just understand the value of leaving everything and go on travel that I don’t get this feeling, that leaving my comfortable life to go nowhere was a stupid choice. Not that I ever thought that, not a second but I got some reactions like I needed to justify myself to have been crazy to have left everything specially my job in this crisis time…

Being on a long term travel means you quit everything in your « old life ». I don’t know when I will stop, or when I will maybe go back to Europe. That´s what travelling is : learning about yourself, meeting people, taking the time… and oh no I don’t want to be stuck in an office again and if I really need to, then I really want to take my time to do what I like before !

I’m in a age where a lot of my friends are getting married, having babies, buying a house… And it feels like I might be the last one but honestly I don’t care to be the last one married or having baby ! So please don’t tell me again (specially like I had recently a discussion with some of my family members) that it’s time maybe to think about thinking of having a job, founding a family… God ! I have only one life, please let me live it !

I’m really happy for my friends who got married this year and for the one who became parents as it just moments of your life that you will remember for ever and I really do feel happy for them 🙂

I’m feeling bad to not be able to share these moments with them because that’s also one bad point I have to say about travelling : you miss you friends and their life : baby, wedding or even worse 😦 You are so far that its hard to maintain your friendship when they have these steps in their life where you’re finally not part of it because you decided to travel…

Travelling is not only the journey in itself. It also what’s around : the people you meet, the people back home who you miss and with who you try to keep in touch, the feelings you go through, the risks you take, the decisions you make…
It makes you richer every day, makes you conscious about the luck you have to have the life you have, to have your friends and your family who love you and also about few things which seems too normal but which might be difficult to have for some people. I just had a discussion tonight with my wwoofing host about it. For example be able to eat everyday and have drinking water is at least the most logical thing we need to be grateful for. Not everybody on the earth has access to drinking water or to food ! Having a hot shower is such a good feeling as well and also a kind of luxe in some places 🙂
I will always remember how happy I was for last Christmas to be able to have a hot shower as to have hot water means we needed to build a fire under the water heater and wait 🙂

Australia is such a huge country where the most part of it is bush…: around 23 millions of people are living in Australia : as much in fact as in Shanghai ! Did you knew that ? When you think that you can fit 14 times France in Australia, that going from Sydney to Perth is 5000 kms, that gives you maybe an idea how big is the country 🙂

You have so many places where to go for a few days trip or for a few weeks one, that usually a lot of Australians do have a 4 wheel drive or a ute with everything in it to go camping for few days or weeks in the bush somewhere in the middle of nowhere !

Go on a road trip here = almost everybody has done it. Some of the Australians you meet on your journey are so proud to show you their 4 wheel drive and to explain to you that with their car they can camp 5 days in the bush 🙂 that you don’t look weird for them when you say to them that you’re traveling for one year or more… Maybe they are even envious in the same time because they would like to do the same ! It’s common here in Australia that’s once you get retired, you travelled around Australia in your camper car 🙂 this is in the culture here who push you to go on a road trip 🙂 crazy and beautiful in be same time 🙂

Travelling in Australia as a backpacker just gives you the feeling you made the right decision 🙂 first you are in a country where they know what « hospitality » means ! You are welcome 🙂 You are not the typical rich tourist who you can be in another country like we were in Indonesia for example. Then they do understand you as they also traveled during a long time ( most of the time when they can afford it : 4 weeks around Australia or even longer when they have the time 3 months in Europe… ) and finally they are just curious about you and your trip.

It has been almost 10 months now that I’m travelling and I just want to keep travelling 🙂 I feel alright on the road 🙂 I feel happy, I found my serenity, I don’t know anymore what’s stress means 🙂 good thing right ? 🙂

Some of you are just wondering what I find so great about doing wwoofing : just watch this video 🙂 I think they’re just right 🙂

What so we love in wwoofing ?

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  1. Wow my daaarling, what a great energy!!! And I’m so thrilled to read that you’re happier every day and that you never questioned your choice to live this beautiful experience (I just watched the video – I want to be a wwooffer too now! haha) And OF COURSE you don’t want to settle down right now, you just got 27 Am I Right?? You have ALL the time!! And believe me, you won’t be the last one married or having your baby! Duh!! Have you met me?? hahaha! I laughed out loud when I read about getting a smile in France (or in Belgium) – it’s so sad, people are so distrustful around here and nobody wants to chit chat with a stranger even though a smile or a great encounter can illuminate your day! So I miss you very much but I feel you’re just in the right place for the moment and I admire your positivity (You don’t know anymore the meaning of STRESSSS? haha Lucky you sweety! I’m so into that right now haha) —- B.T.W. I think by « wired » you wanted to write « weird » don’t you?? — Love you Bella, and send us a bit of your shining soul to us more often!!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂


  2. Maite

    It is so invigorating to read this post. It feels like I wrote these words! The feeling of freedom you have when you travel in the Australian bush, the perspective it gives you on life, the beautiful nature of the proud Australian people, and all the things you learn about yourself through these experiences and the people you meet.

    I can also really relate to you when you talk about your friends and family back home and the expectations that you think people have of you. But you know very well you are doing the right thing for your own happiness and your family is just worried that you are missing out on things like a good job, getting married and having kids. We can’t blame them for being worried; they are not living this amazing, enriching experience with you.
    I wish you to keep learning and traveling until your heart is content. 🙂
    Oh, and one more thing… Now when I go back to Belgium or go to France, I keep the same « chatty » attitude than in Australia and I talk to people on the train, at the best stop, at the post office… And even though people are initially surprised, I have found everyone is happy to talk and smile. They’re just scared of making the first step. 🙂


  3. thanks zaffi 🙂 hope you’re still motivated with your « mémoire » 🙂
    je vais essayer d’écrire plus souvent 🙂 et aussi au fait merci pour la correction 🙂

    and maïté, I couldn’t write better what you wrote 🙂 and yep I think I just will do the same if/when I go back to Europe 🙂


  4. Zaffi

    (t’as oublié le « weird » à la troisième ligne — t’avais écrit deux fois « wired » d’oùùù je m’étais permis de partager avec toi mes Ô combien excellentes connaissances en anglais hahaha :p)


  5. fanfan l'enfant fou

    Thanks for the video and the text especially 🙂

    Add me on facebook with this nickname. I like the way you write 🙂 and don’t worry about the 2nd year visa. It is complicated with me but everybody I know had it really easily.

    Cheers and keep enjoying


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