Language confusion

No no no, it’s unbelievable but 4 months later : here we are  !!!

Before going on travel, I was able to speak french and german without any problems and was even putting some german words into my english, which make my friends laughing about my english) BUT yeah here we are : now I am putting english words in my german and I’m also starting to have some difficulties to speak correctly german, looking for some words.

I was writing an email in german to an old friend and was asking me how we say rarely in german and got shocked to see that I was going on to look for the translation !

Is that it ? Now that I am more confident in english, does it mean that I will speak worst german than english ? I am hoping now 😦

At which point exactly will I be able to speak these 3 languages without confusions ? Will it be at all possible ? Or like linguists says, one language will be always over the other one.

I am still thinking in german before speaking english (or even french sometimes) but it’s now coming often that I have the english word for something and not anymore the german one ! Is it normal to be afraid of this change ?

Is there is like any recipe you have and you would suggest me ? I guess this would be my challenge for 2013: be able to keep speaking, reading, writing german in Australia 🙂


2 Commentaires

  1. catherine

    Don’t worry, as soon as you’ll be able to spend some time with german people, you’ll get your german language totally back !


  2. Lynn

    Who would ever have thought that our dear Elodie would come up with the English word for something, without being able to think of the German or French word. This is the world upside down. In any case, you’re English is improving darling 🙂


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