On the departure for a new life 🙂

Last night in Belgium and not at all stressed : is it normal ?

When I’m looking behind me, I am getting surprised to think about how fast time was going since I took this decision to go to Australia : 3 months only ! Pretty fast nop ?

I still need to do some paper stuffs for Belgium in order to leave the country « correctly » but I’m ready to leave behind me my life in Belgium 🙂

After 4 years in this beautiful country, with beautiful people, this post is also dedicate to all my friends I met during this time 🙂
Thanks to all for all the wonderful moments, trips, evenings, parties, nights, working days I could shared with you 🙂 I am feeling really grateful to had the chance to met you 🙂

I still don’t have the feeling that I am really leaving Belgium and Europe at all for a long time, and it’s a bit bizarre honestly because even if I’m now moving with my huge backpack and saying goodbye to everyone 😦 I don’t realize that no, I am not coming back in 3 weeks or at least one yea , as I used to !

Let’s see tomorrow my feelings once I will be sitting in the plane alone ! Maybe then I will be in a very different mood. Good that I will meet my friends in Frankfurt for the flight to Japan 🙂

In the same time even if I’m not at all stressed 🙂 I’m also getting excited about what is waiting for me, about Japan, about Australia and the world of backpacking there 🙂

So I let you imagine my smile I will have tomorrow when the women at the checking desk will ask me « where are you going? » :)))))))

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