1 month before the departure

Here we are: first post in english for my friends who don’t speak french 🙂 Hope you enjoy it 🙂

Some of you are asking themselves how is it possible for me to have friends who don’t speak french:) thank you guys 🙂 yes they can understand me even with my cute french accent 😉 but ok I need to repeat several times 🙂 Let’s hope I will improve much better my english in Australia even with their accent 🙂 I still lived in Belgium, where they had a terrible french accent 😉 so I can survive in Australia ;)))

ok ok so we have today the 29 of august and I have my flight to Japan on the 1st of october which don’t let me so many time and right now, I’m not ready, that’s sure.

As I want to go for minimum 2/3 years, I am trying to keep the less I can and I promise you the day you will move to another place (hum not to another street in the same city but at least to another city), you will understand me 🙂 It’s just unbelievable what we can keep when we are leaving in the same place for a long time ! And just when I’m imaging that I will have only a backpack wouahhhhhh wouahhhh woauhhhh: I am asking myself: how will I survive ? 🙂

Right now my challenge is to pack all my stuffs until Monday the 3rd of september because it will be officially the last day in my apartment. So for the moment I’m still packing, sorting, selling… and happy me: I sold all my furnitures !

Actually I think I started to realize that I was leaving Belgium for good when I sold my TV and when I started the visits of my apartment for the new renter… And when the new signed the lease in front of me, I got a strange feeling !

Concretely what I still need to do before I leave :

-be ready to leave my apartment

-be ready for the second wave of jab (because for the hepatitis A you need two shoots in one month apart : mid of september

-get the confirmation of the cancellation of my subscription : right now: 2/3 : still waiting of the f….. proximus

-full in my tax declaration for 2012 : I got the papers but it’s like chinese for me: need to go to an office to be sure of what they need !

-go to my medical assurance to be sure all my papers stuffs are ok…

-get a new medical insurance

-medical check up : dentist: appointment booked / still need to ask for a blood test

-save all my documents in my email in case I would need them

-go to the bank and request a power of attorney and see in the same time if there is not a cheapest account because to pay around 3€ per month is a bit too much for me !

-buy the japan rail pass

-and pack my backpack 🙂

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